Display: 8,9" WSVGA TL Processore: Intel D-Ville 1,6 Ghz Memoria ram: 1 Gb Hard disk: 8 Gb SSD Caratteristiche: Wi-fi 802, 11 b/g, Bluetooth, antivirus Mcafee italiano, webcam 0,3 MP Sistema operativo: Windows XP
Today Sunday my family went to the nearby mall to do some groceries and we learned of another, yet lower discount sale of computers NETBook. It's an american brand DELL' Mini NETBook and has many advanced characteristics like wifi, bluetooth and webcam-although it has an SSD, not like old regular computers that have harddisk.As I am not so technically adept with computers I really don't know much about the difference in c apacity between SSD and harddisk but the ads say that SSDs are faster than the standard harddisk ( relativ e to size, of course). The only reluctance from my part is related to the Operating System Linux forwhich I really have a very poor familiarity. I also asked the salesclerk if writing a document similar to MSWord is simple enough, he confirmed and that it was also possible to install Windows Vista. The price has been still reduced from Euros199 to Euros169, add to the fact that we are also entitled still (by government subsidy/provision) to 16% discount on our purchases. SO the salesclerk reserved the item for us for further clarifications (if the reduction from Euros 199 to Euros 169 has been indeed put into effect) The billboard ads show a contrasting price to that of the actual price of the item in the display window. Nevertheless it's deal almost done.


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